Thrive Yoga Studio

Thrive is a unique yoga studio within Fitness Fusion of the Hudson Valley (FFHV).


Thrive was was founded to provide a welcoming place where people at all stages of the yoga practice feel safe to come explore, learn and grow together.

We are committed to offering a variety of class styles because we believe there is something valuable to be found in each approach. If you are simply seeking some time on your mat to sweat it out or gently restore your body, we’ve got you covered!  If you are seeking a deeper understanding of the philosophy and lifestyle, we offer that too!  If you are seeking an athletic and fun yoga style we have your hip-hop and partner yoga practice covered! Your practice is a journey, an evolution, a vehicle for self-discovery and it is uniquely your own. At Thrive we are here to provide the community for guidance and support along the way and help you THRIVE!


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